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Compliance status

The Internet is for all, plain and simple. We are committed to providing a website that is available to any audience, irrespective of ability and circumstance.

To achieve this, we adhere and make a commitment to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) at the AA Level. Our website provider Bentobox is Platform Certified as well. Complying with these guidelines ensures our website is accessible to those who are blind, those with visual impairment, motor impairments, cognitive disabilities, and more.

If you wish to contact Kiros Catering for any assistance, please email or call us at (949) 442-0454

Below is a non-exhaustive list implemented to allow for ease of navigation

  • Our website is accessible by assistive technology.
  • The Webpage Layout is structured to properly use HTML Code with proper tags that allow for easy identification
  • We included text-based menus, however, our PDF versions of our menus can be accessed with Adobe Acrobat. All versions of Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Acrobat Standard DC, and Acrobat Pro DC provide support for the accessible reading of PDF files by persons with disabilities
  • Our text and colors are not an impediment to users
  • Our webpage is designed for keyboard accessibility using a tab-based keyboard or alternative.

Notes, comments, and feedback

It is our goal to allow our website to be accessible by anyone for everyone. However, there may be a page that may be in the process of becoming accessible or lack a proper technological solution. Despite this, accessibility is a priority at Kiros Catering by improving on our efforts, adding and updating the options and features, and researching solutions, this is in order to achieve the optimal level of accessibility.

If there is an issue with us in any form, please give us a call at (949) 442-0454 or email so we can immediately assist you on anything relating to Kiros Catering and the website.